BUFFALO Client Manager 3

BUFFALO Client Manager 3

Client Manager 3 (CM3) is Buffalo Technology's wireless configuration software
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Client Manager 3 is also a critical part of Buffalo's push button, automated setup technology, AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure Setup). AOSS allows a user to connect wireless clients to an AOSS wireless router or access point with just a push of the button. AOSS manages security automatically, setting up the best encryption possible while maintaining client compatibility.

Unlike Client Manager 2, Client Manager 3 now works with most* wireless client adapters from any manufacturer. This includes add-on wireless cards from any* manufacturer including embedded notebook wireless technologies like Centrino and other built-in wireless connections.

Client Manager 3 works on PCs running Windows XP, 2000, WinME, or later. Your wireless card or built-in wireless client should be already installed before installing CM3. If you're installing a new wireless card in your PC, complete the installation of the card and all drivers before installing CM3. Disable any other wireless client managers before installing or using CM3. Only use one wireless client manager at a time!

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